Last week’s episode could have cut off until we could observe how everyone took the information, but I should have known this Arrowverse series would not give up an opportunity to really bring the emotion — even on Halloween. It made for a perfectly dark hour, but not in the manner that anybody, including all Team Flash, anticipated for its spooky and enjoyable holiday. And while I am not your regular recapper, I love The Flash and I’m happy I get to measure in this week to break down all that occurred in”There Will Be Blood.”
This week’s hour picks right back up with Dr. Ramsey Rosso, still fiending for his next dark matter fix, and he is in pretty bad shape. He can barely hold himself upright as he heads to the hospital to steal some blood bags for his experiments.
Meanwhile, much to my joy, we eventually get to learn how the remainder of Team Flash reacts to Barry’s confession about his premature departure. Cisco is the only taking the news the hardest. He fails to sit around doing nothing while Barry’s death looms, and it’s heartbreaking to see just how much he’s struggling with this. It’s clear how close they’ve become over time, so Barry must have known that Cisco’s reluctant”approval” of the information was fake.
But before Barry can do more to help Cisco get behind his plan to accept his destiny, Joe calls him in for work to investigate what we already understand — Ramsey stole 10 liters of blood. With no cameras, the CCPD has no idea who got bloodthirsty. Even Barry is not convinced this is a metahuman crime; because it is Halloween, it could just be children pulling a damn prank. It’s not like Ramsey left behind some clues which may help blow up his place. And while my buddy Chancellor Agard wondered last week if Barry informed Joe and Cecile about his part in the”Crisis,” Joe’s remarks to Barry inside this scene show that he indeed has. I wish we could have seen that play out on display, though! Just think of the incredibly emotional father/son moments we would have gotten out of that spectacle. I feel robbed. But at least something Joe says inspires Barry with a plan to assist Cisco accept his fate.
Back in Ramsey, he confirms that what he consumed from Mitch Romero temporarily cured the HLH cancer in his blood, but it was not enough. He needs more blood to make a permanent cure, so his hospital heist.
Back in STAR Labs, Barry meets up with Cisco to speak a little more, but not, as Cisco hoped, about figuring out a way to save Barry’s life — he wishes to save Ramsey’s life before he croaks instead. And he understands Barry’s the Flash since he bugged Cisco (and Cisco is not happy about that)! Nash wants Barry and Cisco to build him something to help him finish his work with this Earth and he provides to help them with saving Ramsey in return, quid-pro-quo-style. They do not trust him agree all the same. But after his work for months, he’s surprisingly not enthusiastic. And again in Ramsey’s laboratory, the doc tries his fresh blood on himself, but rather than treating his HLH, it really starts covering his body in dark goo instead. It is a good thing Nash is concurrently directing Barry and Cisco into McCulloch Technologies, which is home a bio-regenerative substance that heals organic tissue,”regardless of what the harm.”
And it is — it won’t function if Ramsey is too far gone. Plus, McCulloch Technologies did not actually invent it, they stole it in the Dominator home world, recovered from some invasion three years ago. While Barry flashes out to disable the security cameras, Cisco gets the idea to use the serum on Barry to protect him from the antimatter wave that’s set to kill him through the”Crisis.” That’s not a bad idea! While they all sneak in the construction, Barry points out the metahuman dampeners hindering his powers, so they’re forced to go analog and Barry and Cisco immediately get captured… but Nash is nowhere available when they perform.
That is because he had been busy carrying out the guards that were holding Barry and Cisco at gunpoint! This Wells surely does have some useful skills. Multiversal adventurer, indeed. When Barry has his back turned, Cisco plants some sort of technician on the wall. While cracking the safe holding the serum, he uses the technician to set off an alarm to divert Barry and Nash so he can pocket the serum and pretend like it was not even there when he finally”cracks” the secure open. Using Nash’s tech, they teleport (?) Back to STAR Labs in which Nash refuses to let them back out of building him his demeanor despite them”not” getting ahold of this serum. And while Cisco retains up their end of the deal and the charade that the serum was not there, Barry notices a deep freezer in Cisco’s laboratory set to the specific temperature needed to maintain the serum stable. Very suspicious! Cisco comes up with a different lie about maintaining Killer Frost’s things in there, however, Barry understands Cisco has not looked him in the eye because their heist. He opens the freezersees the serum, and is shocked when Cisco says,”I don’t care what abilities you might have. If you want it, you are going to need to go through me.” That’s savage.
Barry obviously will not allow Cisco attempt to rescue him since he’s noticed that he must die so as to save everyone, but Cisco tearfully explodes about the way that doesn’t give him anything to look forward to. Waking up in a world without the Flash or his best friend is not a world he would like to live in. It is honestly tough to watch the two these guys breaking down, but Barry explains his thought process: He wants Cisco to comprehend how hard it’s to make such calls because he wants Cisco in control of the staff as their boss after he has gone. He wants Cisco to get used to just how hard the responsibilities are going to function, but Cisco’s actions — not only did he steal the serum meant to save another person’s life but he doubled down his decision, saying he’d do it — leads Barry to wonder if he made the wrong choice. This whole scene is completely destroying my emotions, especially if Cisco finally (reluctantly) provides Barry the serum to do with as he pleases.
He immediately gives it to Ramsey, but again I’m worried that because of Ramsey’s dark matter experimentshe may already be too far gone to get the serum to work. If anything, it might actually do the opposite of what it is that they’re all expecting — it could bond to Ramsey’s shadowy matter-affected cells and reevaluate the metahuman aspect until he goes complete villain (if he has not already).
Iris checks back on Ralph along with the lead she had fallen off, but she’s surprised to find him sterile cupcakes — he’s given up on Sue Dearbon altogether because he thinks it is a lost cause. She recruits Joe to come and talk some sense into Ralph instead. Smart call! Joe can talk anyone into anything with one of the patented heartfelt speeches. However, Ralph’s thinking is in line with Cisco’s: Why should he focus on finding and saving some random individual when he can not save Barry? Joe’s perfect (of course) answer comes from something his old partner told him : You can’t save everyone, but you can always save someone. Ralph’s voice breaks when he finally says he is likely to miss Barry, and all Joe does is nod. Why haven’t we noticed Joe struggling with losing his surrogate kid? I feel like it’s so odd that we haven’t.
Back at STAR Labs, Cisco provides Nash the final circuit and that he leaves. Cisco, clearly still struggling with that which, opens up to Frost later Nash is gone about how his friendship with Barry basically”exploded” since he doesn’t believe he should stop trying to save his friend. Frost’s info? “You can not save a person who does not want to get saved.” And his obsession could lead him down a dark path into an unfixable mistake… like Ramsey. The serum, of course, doesn’t work, but he does get an idea about why Mitch Romero’s blood worked for him if the stolen blood didn’t: He was afraid for his life, resulting in a surge of adrenaline flood his bloodstream cells. That’s the mysterious bond representative Ramsey needs because of his cure to do the job. He decides that instead of just using epinephrine to replicate it, he needs to kill a person to remake the treatment. That sounds like quite the leap, dude. If you genuinely want someone to be afraid while taking their blood, can not you just play with a scary movie for somebody voluntarily donating blood? Then you wouldn’t have to break your Hippocratic oath! This man is clearly distressed and immediately heads back into the hospital in which his eyes go completely black.
Team Flash gets the alert about people being attacked at the hospital, and Barry flashes there with Frost to stop Ramsey (or do we call him Bloodwork now?) . He awakens the patients he attacked, who are now full-on zombies, and Frost creates some fairly badass ice hockey”brass” knuckles for the fight. That is a nifty new use of her abilities! Barry is distraught and disheartened at his failure to prevent Ramsey from killing and going into the dark side, and he attempts to stop him if it’s the last thing that he does”on this Earth.” And the group is taking this equally as hard as Barry. We have not seen them all down this in a very long time, and it’s obviously the combination of losing Ramsey as well as Barry — that’s two fewer heroes together with the ability to save lives.
At least Joe’s pep talk worked on Ralph — he apologizes to Iris to be so rude earlier and lets her know that he’s back to the Sue Dearbon situation due to her tip. And when she’s enthusiastic about Sue having somebody like Ralph about the instance , he makes an offhand comment about how it’s”a missing person’s case” and it is not like he is”looking for married”
Meanwhile, Cisco apologizes to Barry about everything that went down with all the serum, and Barry takes it. He informs Cisco he’s just trying to teach his friend something which has taken years for him to understand, and they share a moment which makes my eyes flow a bit. But then Barry steps out on the balcony Joe and that I know the tears won’t stop coming. Joe tries to knock some sense into Barry about realizing how much good he’s done in the world already and whether he quits Ramsey won’t erase all that. However, Joe is angry that this is the benefit that Barry’s reaping after saving the world a lot of times, and frankly, I agree! It’s not right, but that’s not why heroes do what they do. But Joe can’t get past how the world owes Barry and that he deserves better than this. This was the reaction I had been awaiting from Joe! And how Barry manages it is beautiful, talking about being grateful for all of the blessings in his lifetime, especially Joe, who’s motivated him his whole life. And then they both break down and hug and my eyes are dripping again!
Wall of Weird:
The incident might have finished on that perfectly gutting Joe/Barry conversation, but we then flashback to Nash to get a stinger scene. He’s back from the sewers and sets Cisco’s circuit to his gauntlet to project some sort of map which also shows a picture of The Monitor (or is that the Anti-Monitor?) , confirming to Nash that that’s where he has been hiding. He takes a pick-axe into the wall to pay him a”house call.” What’s Nash planning? And why is he searching for this particular cosmic being?