Kobe Bryant was teammates with Dwight Howard about the Los Angeles Lakers. The 2012-13 NBA season started using Bryant, Howard, and Steve Nash on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the title”Now THIS is going to be fun”. It wasn’t.
Howard is back with the Lakers, a team that desperately wants frontcourt depth. Whether the 33-year-old Howard is going to have the ability to supply that is still a matter, regardless of his fairly productive per 100 ownership figures from last season.
In 20 minutes per match for the Los Angeles this season, Howard has created reasonably well for a Lakers squad who needs nothing more than to become a power in the west. Meanwhile, his older teammate Bryant states that Howard would be a large time factor for L.A.
Via LA Times:
“I am happy because sometimes we don’t realize how much we love the game and overlook the game before that window starts closing or its closed,” Bryant explained. “Then you are like,’Oh damn, I truly miss playing with the sport. I want another chance to show what I can do.’ Sometimes you do not know whether that chance could possibly come again. For him, I truly think he’s appreciative of the opportunity and I think he’s going to make a hell of an effect because of the new appreciation he’s for playing the game.”
Whether Howard will make an effect has never really been a matter. Over the span of his profession, health has been the biggest thing holding Howard back. That, and of course the decades where he complained about his post touches despite leading the NBA in that specific statistic.
There’s no qualms to get Howard on that front any longer. He’s a bench player, and non-premiere rotation guys can not exactly dictate things like post touches. He’s there to donate in any manner that LeBron James deems necessary. Of course, Howard had a serious issue with his diminished back/sciatic area last season and the worry that over an 82 game drudge he will finally wear down.
It is fine that Kobe believes Howard can contribute. On paper, that’s probably true. However, over time, the real issue will be whether Howard can interpret those efficacy numbers by staying on the court.