To get a gold coin donation, individuals were given the rare chance to present for a selfie using Australia’s biggest cow. More than 8,000 seized the chance.
Hey, recall Knickers? The giant cow that has been literally too obese to be killed? The two-metre-tall, 1,400 kilogram steer that made headlines for one year ago following a number of abattoirs refused to slaughter him based on the fact he was simply too huge for their meat processing centers? Do you recall?
Well he is back, baby. Knickers is back, and he’s pushing his newfound fame to impact some actual change in the world.
Show-goers were encouraged to pay a gold coin donation in exchange for the singular opportunity to have a snap with Australia’s largest cow. Some 1,000 individuals stepped to the plate within the first hour, the ABC reports, and from the end of the event the tally had risen to a total of 8,001. From the time Knickers’ proprietor Geoff Pearson auctioned off some of his farm equipment and the show’s organisers chipped in with a donation, the total funds raised amounted to AU$24,000 ($16,442.52).
It was Farmer Geoff himself that came up with all the fundraising stunt, offering Knickers’ solutions to his neighborhood agricultural show in Brunswick after he realised the extent of the creature’s global appeal and celebrity status. In the weeks and months following Knickers’ breakout moment in November this past year, Geoff said that he was inundated with such constant attention from media outlets around the world he was forced to place an embargo on his own steer.
“In the peak of it all, once that first bit of vision of Knickers got out there, I whined about 115 calls on the first day, and most of those calls were global,” he told the ABC. But the embargo has not stopped people from trying to get an eyeful of Knickers. Geoff said he’s”had drones fly over, and cars tug on the highway out front hoping to get a look at him.”
And with good reason. Taller than Stephen Curry, heavier than a Honda Civic, and with enough meat to create more than 4,000 burgers — Knickers is actually the eighth wonder of the natural world